A dive into the mind of a concerned parent.


It’s amazing to me how little parents have been the focus during this pandemic. Parents are raising humans in the midst of a global crisis and no real light has been shed on the struggle they are facing. What I mean by this is that you may see an article, like this one, talking about the situation that parents are facing in these unprecedented times, but what we aren’t seeing is actual action in support of their concerns about what is happening.

Navigating the intricacies of parenting.


I’m a parent. Like most, I think I do a pretty good job. Not perfect of course, but there is certainly a thoughtfulness to the choices I make and the discipline I decide to carry out.

You know how when you are growing into the role of parenthood and you get advice from every direction? Some wanted, some unwanted, but all with good intentions. I have a foggy remembering of people who had been on the parenting journey and are on the other side of the hill. I remember little seedlings of advice that sounded so…..simple.

Well, now that I’ve…

Well, I inhaled the dust accidentally, but choking on them sounded better.


You want a ridiculous story? you got it. I’ve been in a writing slump for MONTHS and I figured I’d just write what was on my mind for the hell of it. And what was on my mind was “Fuck! I can’t breath right now, what the hell is going on??” Well, here’s what’s up…

A little backstory that most moms can 100% relate to…. Kids and pets.

I am living the life of a mom who is relegated to taking ownership of her children’s fish. I’m one of those people who commit to the task of caring for the…

How media headlines have hijacked our fear response.

Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

I remember when the stay at home orders began and I felt the overwhelming fear, like so many others, but soon I began to notice that my fear was a little different. I feared this new virus, yes…. but I had another fear beating on my internal drums, and it was deafening in relation to this virus. I was alarmed at how restrictive our lives became practically overnight. Our reaction to this new situation caused me to focus on “fear itself”.

An overwhelming fear has crippled our society.

Headlines dripping in panic and doom are pumped onto our screens at the speed of light, like an IV…

My laymen’s journey to understand some of the “Covid Culture” language.

I’m kind of a nerd. I have lots of questions about the virus, the lockdowns, the testing, etc. I do not claim to be all knowing, I’m just an individual person looking for the answers to the questions that pop up into MY unique head. I generally can not find the answers to my questions on many of the main stream media platforms. Mostly because my questions are a bit deeper than most people really WANT to go. …

Is our self-esteem measured by our ideal body weight?

Photo by Huha Inc. on Unsplash

A friend of mine that I see a couple of times a year came over the other day. Our conversation went into a similar, predictable pattern, we talk about the sort of long drive, we talk about the stress of being a parent, the stress of navigating the world during a pandemic, and then my friend steers the conversation toward the topic of body weight.

This is where my insides cringe — I know it’s coming.

She is going to make some off-handed remark about my weight to try to bring my self-esteem down. …

Written by J. 10 Years old

Information gathered from National Geographic Kids “The Ultimate Dinopedia” book, and Images linked to original sources below the image.

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

There were enormous changes over the dinosaur periods. Weather and land formation changed through these pereods. As all of the changes happened the land all on its own moved throughout the earth to its new formation.

And do I really want to find it?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

When I was 30 years old or so, I had a moment in life that I like to refer to as “the time I went crazy in the downstairs bedroom”. I was smoking pot, jobless, and taking care of my chocolate lab puppy who had just had surgery at 7 months old.

I admit that I can be a bit broody, and existential thoughts can come sweeping through my head rapidly from moment to moment, day-to-day. I like it. I like to question creation. …

Why I like engaging in intimacy FOR my partner.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

My partner treats me like a queen. Sometimes, well, actually quite often, I do not feel deserving of the treatment he bestows upon me.

In my self reflective moments, I can admit that I can be quite physically lazy.

As I sit on my couch at this very moment, without moving my head an inch in any direction, I can see Christmas pictures still sitting on my mantle, three laundry baskets full of clothes, and camping supplies that need to be unloaded, cleaned, and put away…. there’s more, but I don't need to get into the embarrassing nitty-gritty of my…

The Pod

No idea what I’m doing here, I only know it’s vulnerable, thrilling, and scary.

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